I’m Steven (he/they). I’m from Atlanta, GA.

I like to ask a lot of questions, like “what is stuff?” and “how anything?” Sometimes, it doesn’t get me anywhere. Other times, I end up in some pretty crazy head spaces.

I’m into punk stuff, audio engineering, romantic movies, martial arts, cats, and way too many other things to list here.

I deeply believe in making a better world. If we’re not doing that, then what the heck are we doing?

In December, I graduate from The Creative Circus.

Please email me at steven.abadin@gmail.com. My inbox is practically always empty.


I’m a metal band.

The Beautiful Child is my solo project. I write, perform, and record all of it. I’ve kind of always been my own metal band. This music is the culmination of a lot of experimentation and practice. Check out my EP Hush Now (2019) on Spotify, or any other streaming service. The next release is expected to be done some time this year.

I’m also a regular band.

Though I’ve been focusing on metal lately, I still make other music that’s a little more approachable. Check out When You’re An Egoist, None Of The Harm You Do Is Intentional (2018).

And one of my older releases, Abndnd Sngs (2016).

Skateboarding isn’t a crime, man.

or, at least it shouldn’t be.

Winner - Silver - Creative Circus Student Show

Art Direction - Andrew Sellier
Copy -  Steven Abadin

Life is made of memories.

They add color to our lives. They can add color to the walls, too.

Winner - Merit - Creative Circus Student Show

The Life On A Brush App analyzes your photo albums and matches their colors to available paints.

Art Direction - Andrew Sellier
Copy - Steven Abadin